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Are You Over 18 to Scuba Diving?

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What age do you need to be to learn how to scuba dive. This question is dependent on your personal situation. You can take your junior certification course with children and then go deeper. Adult certification courses can be taken by teens and adults. Both courses require that students be at the least 15 years old with some experience. Below are the medical and physical requirements for each certification level.

Scuba diving is only for those over 18

The recreational scuba training council (RSTC) recommends that people under the age of 15 should not scuba dive. Children as young as 8 years old can learn to scuba dive, and receive training. This age requirement does not apply to all children. There is very little scientific evidence on the impact of scuba diving on children. It can also vary from person-to-person. Children should always be trained by a qualified instructor.

Scuba diving can be learned at any age, but there is no minimum age. Some schools, such as PADI, will train kids as early as age ten. Generally, kids under the age of 10 are classified as junior level divers and will be upgraded to the appropriate adult level when they reach the appropriate age. The British Sub-Aqua Club permits young people to train, although they must have attained the age of 12 in order to participate.

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Medical and physical requirements

Certain conditions can make it challenging for someone to safely dive. Divers with chronic or severe conditions, such as diabetes or medication, may have difficulty diving safely. Regular physical activity is required for diving. Scuba diving is not for women who are pregnant. Before you take the plunge, consult your doctor if you have any of these conditions. Find out more about the requirements for scuba diving.

To begin, you'll need to fill out the Recreational Scuba Training Council's medical questionnaire. This organization is located in North America. This form can be obtained from many places. The RSTC will then determine if the prospective divers needs to be examined for medical reasons. Answering "yes" to any medical questions does NOT automatically disqualify you from diving. However, this indicates that you may have a preexisting medical condition that could cause problems while scuba diving.

Courses available

Scuba diving requires that you be at least eight years of age. Depending on your location, the age requirement can vary greatly. The PADI Bubblemaker program is designed for children if you are unsure if you are old enough. It teaches them how to dive, including pressure and buoyancy. They can also practice their skills in the pool. During this training they can dive to as much as 12 feet.

To be a fully qualified diver, you must be eight years old. Most agencies offer courses even for children as young at eighteen, but these won't allow you to be certified to dive open water. PADI offers Seal Team programs and the Bubblemaker program for younger divers. While this may not seem like the best program for beginners, it is a great way of getting a taster of the experience.

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Certification requirements

You can keep your Scuba Diving certifications valid for life. However, to be able to teach beginners or start your own business, you will need an Instructor's Card. Most reputable dive centers ask about your certification, number of dives, and dive history. A refresher course is recommended if you haven’t scuba dived for at least six months. You can still keep your certificate valid, but it won't expire. However, you should make sure you are up-to-date on the most recent rules and regulations.

Five types of diving knowledge are required to get scuba certified. The classroom component and open-water diving are the two main components. Each dive simulates an emergency situation. This part of the course is much like getting a driver's license. The open-water dive requires you to take your knowledge tests and complete an exam in order to pass.


Are You Over 18 to Scuba Diving?