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What does a divecomputer do?

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The main piece of information provided by a dive computer is the no-stop limit. Computer programs will use depth and air to calculate the limit and provide information on when to ascent or decompression. This data is also known to be the "no stopping time remaining".

Preferences of divers

There are several differences between different dive computers, but most do the same basic functions, such as displaying depth, tracking nitrogen loading, ascent rate, and logging the dive. Divers may choose to use one type of dive computer instead of another because it gives different NDL times. Therefore, the settings recommended for a particular computer may differ from those for another diver. You should plan your dives before purchasing a diving computer. Compare the different models and decide which one works best for you.

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A dive computer helps you to stay underwater safe. The computer runs calculations on your data and compares it with the dive tables to calculate how long you have at depth. While you don't necessarily need to know the formulas, you should be able to identify where your dive computer is on the liberal-conservative spectrum. A liberal-leaning computer can help you maximize your bottom time and improve safety.


A dive computer's screen can be worn on the wrist or attached to a submersible pressure gauge. It provides all necessary information to prevent decompression and ensure safe diving. Divers may appreciate additional features like the compass directions and water temperature. A few dive computers also allow users to download data to their personal computers, which could be very useful to accident investigators. These features can make a divecomputer invaluable, especially for investigating the cause of an accidental accident.

Safety limits

Dive computers use a range of algorithms to calculate decompression times. The acceptable DCS numbers range from 2 to 5 percent. However, individual susceptibility and accidents can affect the figures. The US Navy and the commercial diving community often wish to achieve 0.1 percent mild or 0.025 percent serious DCS. A dive computer should always be able to run the decompression algorithms correctly to ensure maximum safety. Divers may find it difficult to use a computer to dive.

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It is crucial to choose the right dive computer for you in order to avoid any diving accidents. These devices use algorithms in order to determine how long a diver will be able stay underwater. While the algorithms for most dive computers are very generic, divers will have their own unique body composition or fitness levels. Some computers will recommend more stops than others. Some machines will recommend more no-flys than others. Whichever dive computer you choose, it will help you stay underwater longer and reduce the risk of decompression sickness.


What does a divecomputer do?