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It's crucial that you choose the right operator when planning your dive trip. Ask for information about the group size and whether a diving guide is available. You can also request a private guide if you have special requirements. Operators may separate groups according to their expertise. If you have any special requirements, let the operator know in advance. Operators will often segregate divers by their skill level so that they can be paired with the more skilled.

Guidelines for tipping

When a dive shop provides you with an excellent service, you should always tip them. Tip for poor service is not acceptable. You only encourage them to give poor service. Discuss tipping guidelines with the dive shop owners. These are the guidelines that you should follow when tipping your dive shop staff. The following information will help you to tip your local dive shop personnel. Don't forget to tip your dive shop staff.



If you're looking for a unique experience, consider liveaboards for dive trips. Liveaboards can be helmed by top-notch divers. You'll have access to remote dive spots before others. You'll also have the opportunity to see a wide variety of marine life. Liveaboard diving is also a great way to explore new underwater terrain. Rental gear is included on all liveaboards, so there's no need to worry about having your own equipment.

Diving safaris

Diving safaris are a great option for those who want to be adventurous. You can do up to four dives per day, instead of having to rush through them. The safari includes all meals, which saves you the expense of going out for every meal. You don't have to set up your diving equipment every day. It is only necessary to do it once upon arrival and again after you are finished.

Day trips

If you love diving, but don't have the time to go on longer trips, you can try a few day trips to dive in Bali. The Gilis, small islands of the Bahasa language, are called Gilis. Bali's Gilis are perfect for beginners, and Advanced Divers will love the dive sites in Padang Bai. The trips are known for their spectacular macro diving, turtles and shark caves. Padang Bai is a beautiful place to learn.

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Red Sea Scuba Diving

Red Sea diving offers divers the chance to witness one of the world's most iconic wrecks and have a close encounter. Some diving destinations are well-known while others are less so. Divers can visit the Jolanda wreck to see a WWII submarine. It is located on the ocean floor, and is heavily encrusted. You can visit this wreck with all levels of scuba divers. For more pristine dive sites, choose a liveaboard and dive before the day trip boats arrive.


Plan a dive trip