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Cressi Wetsuits

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Cressi is the best wetsuit brand for competitive diving. It's not hard to see why Cressii is a world leader in watersport equipment. Founded in 1946, Cressi has five divisions covering four major markets: scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, and swimming. And, the best part? The best part? You can wear one for the whole day!

Cressi wetsuits

Founded in 1946, Cressi wetsuits have set a new standard for performance. Since 1960, Cressi has been the leader in water sports with their innovative products. They have been a pioneer in many water sports categories, including freediving, surfing, and swimming. All of their products and wetsuits are made to the highest standards. These are the top features of Cressi's wetsuits.

The Tortuga Woman, a warm, double-lined suit made of 2.5 mm Neoprene is extremely comfortable. Its smooth, anatomically designed design provides maximum comfort and excellent thermal properties. A pull-tab leash connects the back zipper, making donning the wetsuit quicker and easier. Cressi’s Tokugawa Wetsuit also includes a self-donner neck.

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Cressi swim goggles

Cressi's independent, tinted glasses stand out because they are embedded in elastic structures that allow for many facial styles to be adapted. These glasses have slightly curved lenses to maximize visibility. These goggles are internally processed to provide UVA and antifog protection. These goggles also feature adjustable millimeter buckles. Other models of Cressi swim goggles are also available.

These goggles were originally designed for children, but they are great for women and young men. These goggles are made in Italy and available in multiple colors. The packaging is also convenient for storage, especially if you need to attach a mask to them. The goggles are covered by a limited warranty of 24 months. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund, or exchange.

Cressi fins

Cressi Fins has a unique construction method that combines three different materials. It offers a remarkable balance between lightweight comfort, high performance and lightweight. This system also facilitates power transfer. The shape and stiffness of the foot pocket is ideal for powerful kicks as well as smooth channeling. As a bonus, it also features a unique Bungee System that accommodates different foot sizes and personalized fit. Reaction EBS blade transfers energy from the foot pocket into the bottom of the fin, unlike previous models.

The Cressi Clio fin was designed for swimming and features a colorful fin blade with EVA. The fins' inserts, foot pocket and side strings are made of Soft Thermo Rubber. It offers maximum comfort. The fin also features a soft, fluid kick and a soft, elastomer foot pouch. The Cressi Clio fin is a great option for beginners and experts alike.

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Cressi dive computers

The DONATELLO is Leonardo's successor. The DONATELLO was designed and developed in Italy. Cressi dive computers come with software for Nitrox management. It also includes a telemetry feature. Both professional and recreational divers use Cressi diving computers. You can choose from a variety of configurations and a wide selection of accessories.

Cressi Leonardo's dive computer is for novice and less experienced divers. Its 2 inch screen allows for easy reading and shows the most popular functions: dive time, battery level (temperature), and alternative dive computer. The digital display shows you the gas mixture as well as the conservatism. Screen and audio indicate a safety stop or approaching deco warning. A dive map is available for the Cressi Leonardo.


Cressi Wetsuits