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What Does PADI Stand For?

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PADI is the acronym for scuba diving instructors. PADI is the largest organization dedicated to ocean exploration and divers, with courses available in more than 180 countries. Learn more about the different specialties that PADI offers, including the PADI Open Water Diver Course. PADI has over 900 dive centers. This is a brief overview about the differences between PADI & SSI.

PADI stands to Professional Association of Diving Instructors

PADI is the acronym for Professional Association Of Diving Instructors. PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Although you might think of the acronym as "Professional Association of Diving Instructors", it can have many meanings. Find out all about PADI and why you should know. Are you interested in becoming a PADI Instructor?

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It is the largest organization for ocean exploration and diving in the world.

PADI AWARE Foundation is a private charity that promotes local action for global ocean conservation. The Foundation shares PADI's mission and leverages the organization's extensive membership network to promote awareness and action. The foundation supports ocean research by providing research grants and education materials. It is also supported by PADI. For more information on how to get involved in AWARE, visit padi.org.

Divers can opt for a variety of courses.

PADI offers specialties in scuba diving for divers who have experience in certain areas or have particular interests. The specialties can help divers hone specific skills, discover new locations, or expand their knowledge of a particular subject matter. These courses can often be found as part of a digital learning programme. Learn more about specialties by reading on.

There are dive centers in over 180 countries.

PADI is a global organization with over 200 dive centers and resorts. The members include instructors, dive masters, educators, dive resorts, and educational facilities. PADI has a corporate headquarters in the United States and several regional offices in Australia and Canada. Approximately 130,000 individual professional members are members of PADI. You can purchase PADI diving materials in 26 languages. The PADI AWARE Foundation aims to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

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It has a global charity

PADI members have the opportunity to help the world's oceans, and save the planet. Download the Rating Toolkit for PADI and complete data. PADI supports Project AWARE, an organization that saves the oceans as well as the aquatic life dependent on them. PADI AWARE Foundation is a non-profit organization that teaches aspiring scuba divers and provides training resources and education to improve ocean health.


What Does PADI Stand For?