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Divers who have dive specialties can make all the difference in every dive

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A Dive specialty is a subset in diving that can help divers develop valuable skills. Divers who have a specialization can make a difference in every dive. This type can often be specialized in a specific area and specialize in a particular type or equipment. Some of these specialties include Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx), Boat Diving, and Deep Scuba. You can learn more about these diving specialty below.

Enriched Air Nitrox

Learn more about the benefits and how to become a certified PADI Enriched Air diver (Nitrox). The specialty course involves hands-on exercises and independent study. There are also two optional Nitrox dives. You can take the course online or offline and complete it at your own pace, no matter where you are diving. Special oxygen service standards will be required for this specialization.

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Underwater Photography

Scuba diving is an excellent way to improve your skills and knowledge if you love taking photos. Underwater photography is one of many specialties in diving. This course will cover the principles and techniques involved in underwater photography. Additionally, you will learn about composition and underwater lighting. Additionally, you will learn proper etiquette for underwater photography and how to properly photograph them. You will learn underwater photography and be connected to an instructor through the PADI eLearning program.

Boat Diving

PADI Boat Diver Specialty Course offers a great way to get started on your diving adventures or if you are looking for a challenge. You will learn about different types of dive boats and proper etiquette. Also, you will be taught how to properly pack your gear and enter and exit the boat. Additionally, you will learn how to manage emergencies on the water and boat safety.

Deep Scuba

There are many Deep Scuba diving specialties. Advanced Diver certification means that certified divers can dive deeper than the initial dive. Deep Scuba divers should be familiar with the effects pressure and breathing have on their bodies. They are more susceptible to injury at deeper depths. Also, they should learn how plan and execute safe deep diving. Some of these specialties require greater training than others. But, certification requires a few prerequisites.


Underwater Navigation

Navigation is essential in scuba diving. Whether you want to find a particular object, or simply dive to a beautiful reef, underwater navigation is a must-have skill for a scuba diver. Navigation is essential for scuba divers. It is also important to know how to properly use the compass. There are many ways to practice underwater navigation.


Divers who have dive specialties can make all the difference in every dive