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The Best Blogs for Scuba Gear

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If you are looking for a scuba gear blog, there are several options out there. There's Seaside with Emily and One Fin Wanderer as well as Simply Scuba and Dive into Life. All of these have their own unique characteristics. These blogs are valuable for anyone interested in gear and diving. These are my top picks. Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to find the best scuba gear. For your convenience, the top blogs that specialize in scuba gear have been arranged alphabetically.

Seaside with Emily

Seaside was established by Emily in 2016 as a sustainable seafood organization. Emily is a fisheries researcher by trade. This passionate foodie and scuba diver loves to learn about local culture and the marine eco-system. You can read her blog to learn more about sustainable fishing methods. She also blogs about her favorite local dive sites. Hopefully, her writings will inspire others to explore the beauty of the seas.

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One Fin Wanderer

One Fin Wanderer may sound misleading but it is not the brand of a new site for scuba divers. Rosie McLaughlin, an experienced one-finned diver from all over the globe, wrote the blog. She's not able to walk due to her disability, but she hasn't let that stop her from diving and ocean conservation. Rosie writes a blog about her experiences as a disabled traveler. She also offers useful tips to help you navigate scuba diving trips overseas. She provides detailed travel itinerary details for Thailand. She has been diving for over 40 years in the Philippines and she writes about her experiences for the same crowd.

Simply Scuba

This site is for you if you're looking to buy scuba diving gear. Simply Scuba can help you select the right set for you with its reviews and recommendations. You can also find useful information about dive destinations and how you can get the most from your diving vacation. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for more tips about scuba diving. You can also find information about the latest scuba gear, and dive destinations on their blog.

Dive into Life

Scuba gear is essential for a successful dive. The gear you use to dive is extremely important. It allows you to dive safely and comfortably. The regulator, which indicates your maximum and current depths, is one of the most important pieces of gear. You can also use the depth gauge to see how much gas you have left in your scuba tank. A compass is another essential piece of scuba equipment. You can use it to locate your location underwater so you don't panic or get lost.

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Spotmydive, a scuba gear blog community, has great reviews of scuba diving gear. This group of female divers regularly reviews new gear and destinations. They also discuss ecology, training, gear, as well as ecology. There are many female-specific blogs like Girls That Scuba or Spotmydive.


The Best Blogs for Scuba Gear