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Diverse gifts

dive suit

Unique divers gifts are what you will find here. Products offered include Scuba diver prayer plates, personalized pin maps and recycled plastic masks. Apart from divers gifts, there are also items that can be recycled and made with social responsibility.

Scuba diver prayer plaque

Scuba diver prayers plaques are a wonderful gift. It displays the Christian blessing of diving and can also be displayed at home. The plaque design is reminiscent of a SCUBA Tank. You can also add your company name to the plaque.

Orca bracelet

Orca bracelets are the ideal gift for divers. The bracelet's black and white colors represent good luck and compassion. You can also wear the bracelet while scuba diving with matching waves earrings. It's also a great gift for divers that is a little different.

diver certification

There are a few different kinds of Orcas available. One is the black-colored or blue-colored dial model. The 200-meter water resistance of the black PVD-coated casing makes it waterproof. Another type of Orca is the one that glows. It features a lume-filled bulging and arrow hand, as well as a killer Whale design on its dial.

Recycled plastic head masks

For diver gifts, you might consider using recycled plastic masks. These masks are available in many designs from the PADI brand. Each mask has artwork depicting a sea creature such as a manta Ray or great white shark. The masks also have a special eco-friendly motto printed on them.

These recycled plastic masks are made out of polyester and come with a filter pocket that can hold extra filters. The outer fabric is 100% made from recycled ocean waste polyester. While the lining contains 92% recycled polyester and 8% Elastane, it is made with 92% of that same material. You can buy sets of five masks and the masks are machine washable.

Pin Map Personalized

A personalized pin map is a great gift idea for scuba divers. It can be used both to recall the places you have dived and to plan your next trip. You can personalize your map by adding a name to it or a quote about diving. Push pins are an option that can be added to the map. They make it easier to mark dive locations and remember where you were.

dive gears

This map features beautiful underwater imagery and 21 locations. This map is available in many sizes, including paper print and foam-mounted. It can also be stretched canvas or framed. If you want to customize it, you can choose between a standard map size or a larger version in three different sizes. Personalized pins can be included so that the recipient can add their dive sites to the map.

Digital luggage scale

The BAGAIL digital luggage weight scale is small and easy to use. It's lightweight at only 4.8 ounces. It can weigh your bag in pounds or kilograms. It can carry luggage up to 110lbs (or 50kg). A larger scale is better if you have multiple items to weigh.

This digital luggage scale weighs luggage between 0.1 and 110 pounds. It is extremely accurate. There are several functions, such as an overload indicator, low-battery indicator, and auto-off. It comes with a warranty of two years.


Diverse gifts