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Free Diving Schools

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There are many free diving schools in the world. Each offers a different experience. You might be searching for a program to improve your diving skills and maximize your enjoyment of the sport. This article will give an overview of top-rated free diving schools, as well as details about their offerings to students.

FFII Free Diving Federation

You can enroll in a freediving class offered by the FII federation if your goal is to become a certified Freediver. These courses can be taken by both newbies and experienced freedivers. This course includes both academic and practical freediving skills training. It is designed for you to learn the skills required to safely dive to 20 metres. The FII also offers a variety special courses designed for more advanced freedivers.

During the introductory course, you will learn the basic skills needed for freediving. The course will introduce you to three types of freediving: open water, dynamic swimming, or static apnea. You'll also learn about safety procedures and the importance of practicing good buoyancy.

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RAID free diving federation

RAID free dive federation was started as a SCUBA agency. But in 2014 the organization expanded to include other courses. It is now a fully digital organisation with a strong ecological mindset. RAID offers online training that is free and completely free. They also offer more time for water than theoretical hours, which guarantees a more engaging learning experience.

RAID's online learning program is not the only thing that RAID offers. RAID also offers a free-learning app. RAID LearnToScuba allows instructors and students to sign off on the completion of in-water skills. An indicator is available to confirm completion of the course. Members can also log their dives online or offline, automatically syncing their logs with their member profile.

Apnea Total is a free diving school

Apnea Total is a great place for learning how to freedive. The courses are often affordable, and there is a relaxed attitude to freediving education. They don't spend too much time in classrooms or theory, and their focus is on practicing in the water, rather than reading a book. These courses involve a lot more snorkelling and diving in open water than in a pool.

Apnea Total's freediving school, which was established in 2004, is the longest operating freediving school of Koh Tao. It was founded in a bungalow. There are now more than 20 locations. High-qualified Instructors have years of experience in freediving and are able to teach these courses. Both beginners and experts can take the courses.

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Vertical Blue is a free diving school

An excellent place to start freediving is a school. William Trubridge (freediver) runs the Vertical Blue freediving academy. Trubridge has been at top of the podium for many years. The school has a strong competition program and has hosted several competitions for its students.

For holistic learning, the school's courses combine theory and practical exercises. The school teaches freedivers the science and physiology behind freediving as well as how they can harness their breath to make freedives last longer.


Free Diving Schools