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Scuba Gear Review – Cressi Pro 2.0 BC, Apeks MX-R Diver Adjustable Regulator and Travel Pro Backpack

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In this scuba gear reviews, we'll be looking at the Cressi Start Pro bcd. The Apeks MTXR adjustable diver regulator. And the Mares Quantum. We will also discuss water stability and how it behaves in water. We will also give our honest opinions on these products. Hopefully this article will help you make a decision on the best scuba gear for your diving needs.

Cressi Start Pro bcd

A BC might be the best option for you if you're just starting out in diving. The Cressi Start Pro 2.0 BC Hydrodynamic Jacket is light-weight and hydrodynamic. The jacket has an integrated carry handle, air cell and side pockets. The jacket also features two side pockets, an anti-sand design, and two other pockets.

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Apeks MTX-R diver-adjustable regulator

Apeks MTXR diver adjustable regulator is a favorite choice for a variety diving purposes. The regulator has been designed to work in cold water, as low as minus thirty degrees Celsius. The regulator is comfortable to breathe and comes in a first- and second-stage versions. It has a swivel handle for the first stage and a simple design for the second stage.

Mares Quantum

The Mares Quantum Scuba gear is a top-quality diving gear that has a number of benefits. The BCD is made of stretch material pockets, which can be used to fit nearly any item without restricting movement. The contoured aircell provides maximum surface flotation comfort. Made of condura material, this gear is resistant to wear and tear. We review the key features of this gear.

Professionel in Travel

This review has a lot of Travel Pro scuba gear to offer. This piece of gear can be used as both a backpack and inflator. The backpack's lightweight and durable design makes it easy to use. It also has useful features such as ample pockets and a D-ring system. Travel Pro's backpack includes a laptop sleeve with padding and a dry bag that is Bonaire-style.

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OMS Tattoo Western UV mask

OMS Tattoo West UV mask scuba equipment review. This mask is very popular with western divers. Its black frame is also comfortable despite being low volume. It's also resistant to UV rays and has excellent visibility in all conditions. The mask comes in two sizes, a standard and a small.


Scuba Gear Review – Cressi Pro 2.0 BC, Apeks MX-R Diver Adjustable Regulator and Travel Pro Backpack